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Schengen visa is a type of short stay visa issued for allowing its holder to enter and travel around the Schengen area for a duration up to 90 days per every 180 days. Depending on the purpose of traveling, you must apply for different type of Schengen visa. There are three main categories is Category A (Airport transit visa)  and Category C ( Tourist visa, Business visa, Visitor visa, Cultural visa, Medical Treatment Visa ) and Category D ( National visa)

A category: Airport Transit Visa

The Airport Transit Visa is a visa for citizens of a non-Schengen country who have to enter the airport of a country in the Schengen zone in order to take the plane to their Schengen destination country. It does not allow the holder to leave the airport.

C category – Short-stay visas

This is regular Schengen visa that is the most people get. It is often issued for purpose of tourism, visiting family and friends, business and other allowed activities. Depending on the purpose of your travel the C-category could be either:

•   Tourist visa

•   Business visa

•    Visitor visa

•   Cultural visa

•   Medical Treatment Visa

Number of Entries

As you may know, the Schengen visa can be valid for a single, double or multiple entry. Depending on your purpose and frequency of your travel, you will choose the number of entries for your visa.

Single-Entry Visa

This visa allow its holder to enter Schengen area only once. When you leave Schengen zone, the visa expires and you are not allowed to enter again. If you want to get another entry, you must apply for new visa.

Double-Entry visa

With this visa, the holder can enter the Schengen area two twice. You can visit a Schengen country then visit a non-Schengen country and enter a Schengen country again. Once you enter the Schengen country twice, you visa will expire even if you have not stayed in Schengen Area for the number of the days mentioned in your visa.

Multiple-Entry visa

As its name, the holder of this visa can enter the Schengen area many times up to 90 days within 180 days period. However, to apply this type of visa you must meet several requirements of the embassy/consulate such as:

– You must prove that you need to travel to Schengen Area frequently.

– You should show that you have good financial situation in your country residence.

-You have good history of your previous trips ( not overstay and left in time)

– You have genuine intention to leave Schengen Area before your visa expires.

This visa can be divided into various duration based on your reason to travel frequently:

1 year multiple entry

If you had a double-entry visa and you can show proof why you are travel to Schengen area frequently, you can apply for this visa.

3 year-multiple entry visa

You must justify why you are travel to Schengen area frequently and why you need 3 year-multiple entry visa. In order to get this visa, you must lawful use the previous issued visa.

5 year-multiple entry visa

Like other type of visa, to apply this visa you must justify why you need 5 year multiple entry visa and you must lawful use a 3 year-multiple entry visa. You have to apply for 5 year-multiple entry visa at least year before the current 3 year multiple entry visa expires.

National visa

The national visa ( category D) is issued for people who would like to entry Schengen visa for studying, working or residing permanently in one of the Schengen countries. It can be single entry or multiple entry.

To apply for a National visa, you must meet the following requirements:

• You are an international student in a program that grant a Schengen visa up to one year.

• You are an international student who is about start a full time study in a course. You will be granted a visa up to one year and allowed extension.

• You are traveling to teach at a higher education institution or research center.

•  You are sportsman, an artist or other professional who would be traveling to share your expertise.

•  You are already traveling to Schengen Are and your medical emergency prevents you from leaving the Schengen Area in allowed time frame.