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The Schengen visa application fees must pay by applicant. Fees are non-refundable in any circumstances. The amount of fees that you have to pay will depend on the the visa type, age, and some other factors.

The fees can be pay in various options such as payment in cash, debit card, credit card, money oders or cashiers’check. Each embassy/consulate has different rules on fee payment. You should check carefully.

Schengen Visa Category

Fee in EUR

Fee in USD*




Child between 6-12 years of age



Nationals from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia.



* The applicable visa fee in USD (US Dollar) is as per the current exchange rate (last updated on February 1st, 2020). It is subject to change without notice.

If your application handle by a visa center, you must pay an additional processing fee to them.

Who doesn’t need to pay fees?

  • • The following people haven’t to pay Schengen visa application fee:
  • • Children under the age of six years.
  • • Students, school pupils and accompanying teacher during a school trip
  • • Researchers traveling to perform scientific research
  • • Holders of diplomatic, official, or service passport traveling for official purposes
  • • A family member of an EU/EEA national
  • • Participants aged 25 years or less in Seminars, conferences, sports, cultural or educational events, organized by non-profit organizations. However, the embassy/comsulate will decide in a case by case basis.