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Many people traveling with Schengen visa often wonder how to extend their stay in Europe when their Schengen validity ends. Whether you are a traveler who wishes to experience more of Europe with purpose of tourism, business or medical treatment, if you want to continue to stay in Europe after the expiration of your Schengen visa, you must extend it.

Although many people believe that the short stay Schengen visa can not to extend, that may be possible in some case. It is very hard, but if you have a strong reason in which you base your application then you have quite a chance to get that visa extension.

Guideline on how to extend a Schengen visa

The first thing you should remember when apply for Schengen visa extension is providing a strong reason. According to the Schengen visa policy, acceptable reasons to extend a Schengen short-stay visa are only the following:

Late Entry

You must enter the Schengen area within the validity period and stay that within validity period. For some reasons, if you enter the Schengen Area late, you may able to apply for Schengen visa extension.  

Humanitarian Reasons

The Schengen visa policy has made it possible to extend a short-stay Schengen visa in order to prevent or overcome hardship for third-country nationals. You will be granted with a short-stay visa extension based on humanitarian reasons if you need to stay in one of the member states to continue receiving medical treatment, to take part in the funeral after the sudden death of a family member, to give support to a person close to you who is going through some kind of hardship, etc.

Force Majeure

If unexpected events occurs in your home country during the time you stay in Schengen Area such as wars, natural disasters (volcano, earthquake, tornado…), conflicts, violent protests, you may be able to apply for Schengen visa extension.

Serious Personal Reasons

If you get into a serious or very important personal circumstances, you may be able to apply for Schengen visa extension. Some of these following reason could be examples:

  • • Unfinished business in one of the Schengen Member State
  • • An unplanned wedding (of yours of your relative)

The immigration authorities will decide whether you should be granted Schengen visa extension or not. The chances of getting Schengen visa extension for this category are lower, compared to other ones. But you can try, you may get your luck.

Schengen Visa extension Application Process

The first step is deciding under which reason you wish to apply for a Schengen visa renewal. After figuring that out, you will start getting ready for your application which differs from a regular Schengen visa application.

The second step is gathering required documents. This process requires to submit fewer documents than the process to apply for a new Schengen visa.  The list of documents you need when applying for a Schengen visa extension are as following:

  • • Passport, which must have the current visa under which you entered the Schengen
  • • Application form, for a short-stay Schengen visa extension
  • • One photo, which fulfills all the criteria and visa photo requirements.
  • • Proof of Income, which shows you can financially maintain yourself during the period of time you have applied to get a visa extension for
  • • Travel Health Insurance – that covers the whole Schengen Area as well as the whole period which you have applied to extend your visa for
  • • Documents, which prove your situation, and the need to get a visa extension

The third step is paying visa fee if is required. Depending on the reason you apply for Schengen visa extension, you may be asked to pay fee or not.

The fourth step is attending the interview. After you collect these documents, schedule an interview appointment online at the immigration authorities (or their equal). In some of the member states, you may not have to schedule an interview, however try to check out if this applies to the country you are currently residing, or not. If you need to schedule an interview, do it, and on the day of the interview show there on time with all of the required documents.

After finishing the four steps above, you need to wait for decision. If you are granted with a visa you will be able to remain, while if you do not you will have one or two days to leave.

Schengen Visa Extension Fees

When you apply for Schengen visa extension in the first time, you don’t have to pay any extension fee for Humanitarian Reasons and Force Majeure reasons. However, you must pay 30 euros for an extension due to late entry or important personal reason.

If you have already extended your visa once, but you really need to extend it once again, for whatever reasons, then you will have to pay a fee. The fee is 30 euros for minors and 60 euros for adults.

Schengen visa extension processing time

Usually, your Schengen visa extension may take a few days to a month for processing. During this time, you are allowed to remain in the country where you submitted your application even after your visa expires, but not to travel to the other Schengen countries.