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Updated April 2012

Last news ; New procedure at Manila as from April 10th / appointements via a call center-

Interport has juts opened a new office at Manila to facilitate visa issuance for urgent applications

Schengen Visas for Seamen available at French Embassies Consulates within 24/48 hours at

  • Manila - India - China - Ukraine - Russia - Turkey and all other countries

  • where our invitation letters are officially reconized by authorities

For urgent visa application at above Embassies please contact us to start procedure and have appointemnt without delay - we shall send the the required guaranty letter and advise which additional documents are required



Schengen Transit Visas for Seamen still available at Paris CDG ( If NOT POSSIBLE at French Consulates - Embassies )

for All Nationalities and valid for All Schengen countries provided proof of emergency and that visa could not be issued by any way at the Homeland consulates -

we supply required documentation to be presented to the French Officer who will interview the joiners to get confirmation of the actual emergency reasons supporting a visa request on arrival –


We do arrange meet & Assist on arrival at CDG all crews for safe transfer to vessels - as well as off signers crews with all required formalities

    • e-mail: info@interport.fr attended 24/24
    • Office Tel : +33235254481
    • Direct Line Visas dept : +33970445907
    • Toll free access Number at CDG from any phone booth 0800919204
    • Mobile On duty : +33698710020 +3398470010 +33760525373
    • e-fax : +33272685907

Our specialised services to ship's owners & crews in France 24 Hours per Day - 365 days per year:

    • Assisting crew for immigration / Emigration formalities Transit Schengen Visas for all ports worldwide
    • Cash to Masters USD deliveries
    • Transport from 1 to complete crew change by our own Mercedes E270 cars / VW Minibus
    • Hotel Accommodation booking / Payment in all ports & CDG Airport / Car Rentals
    • Flight & Travel arrangements
    • Crew Transfer on port roads by launches / Shuttle boats
    • Medical special assistance & hospital visits - repatriations
    • Ship's Spare parts deliveries & worldwide hand carry courrier for off shore industry
    • Certified drugs & Alcohol testing services with Int'l seamen clinic le Havre

Our port specialised Services by our Senior shipping department

    • surveys, controls & inspections
    • Customs controls for local forwarders
    • shipchandling & engine supplies
    • renewal of certificates & consulate ship's log checks